Yoder YS-640 Pellet Grill Review

Yoder YS-640 Pellet Grill


Construction Quality


Temperature Control


Smoking Ability







  • Large Capacity
  • High Temperature Direct Grilling Capability
  • Good Temperature Controller
  • Mobile
  • Wide Temperature Range


  • Higher Pellet Consumption Rate


  • 640 square inches of total cooking area
  • 150 to 600 F/65 to 315 C temperature range
  • 20-pound capacity side mounted pellet hopper
  • Chrome plated steel rod cooking grates
  • 5-degree increment control settings
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Single layer lid with counterbalance
  • Internal baffle for adjusting airflow and heat
  • Made in the United States by Yoder Smokers, Inc.

Full Review – Yoder YS-640 Pellet Grill

Yoder Smokers produces a wide range of outdoor cooking products including some of the best pellet grills. The Yoder YS640 is large, capable and perfect for making serious barbecue. This grill/smoker comes standard with 640 square inches of cooking surface, but with an expansion rack can accommodate over 1,000 square inches. This is a great size for the serious backyard cook.

Unlike many of the lower priced pellet grills, this unit is also capable of direct grilling and doing a good job of it. Like many, it combines the direct grilling space with an optional set of GrillGrates. This anodized aluminum cooking surface is best at conduction heat into foods. By allowing these grates to heat up, this pellet grill is actually good at high-temperature grilling, a feature that is a must for making this both a good grill as well as an excellent smoker.

Yoder is also know for making heavy, serious cooking equipment. This model weighs in around 335 pounds. Best of all, the main door fits snuggly into the body so there is less leaking of smoke and heat. Combine the heavy metal to retain heat and an airflow that gets it where it needs to be and this is an efficient grill. Considering that wood pellets are the most expensive barbecue fuel, this is a must.

Yoder also offers a wide range of accessories and upgrades for this model and their technology is not only superior, but constantly improving. Occasional firmware upgrades keep this grill improving. Add to this the great product support from Yoder and this is a practically foolproof purchase.