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Best Built-in Gas Grills between $2000 and $3000 for 2022


As we move above $2,000USD for a built-in gas grill we find a large number of great products. Here is where the top of the line manufacturers have their lower priced alternatives. Look for all stainless steel construction and while the size and availability of extra features might still be a little limited, there is a lot to choose from. While I still recommend keeping it simple in this price range, the grills I have chosen here represent some fantastic products with great grilling capabilities. Avoid store brand knock-offs and do the research before you shop. There are a number of grills in this price range which still lack the quality and cooking characteristics that make for a good quality, durable grill. I have looked at everything available and if it isn’t listed here, there is a reason for that.

Delta Heat 32-Inch Built-in Gas Grill
Delta Heat 32-Inch Built-in Gas Grill


Delta Heat 32-Inch

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Delta Heat is the American made ‘discount’ brand from Twin Eagles. This three burner, 60,000 BTU built-in gas grill is one of the best on the market regardless of price and represents a great solution for any outdoor kitchen. For around $2,400USD, the superior engineering and design make this a joy to cook on. Add in all the extras and accessories and this is a product that will definitely add great value to your home and patio.


American Outdoor Grill L-Series 36-Inch

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As the lowest priced built-in gas grill on this list, you would think it a lesser product. The American Outdoor Grill L-Series is not. This American made grill from the same people that make Fire Magic Products is part of an impressive range of outdoor kitchen products and is a superior grill in design, function, and construction. Made entirely of 304 stainless steel, this three burner, 50,000 BTU grill has an advanced ignition system and two internal halogen lights. The only reason that it isn’t at the top of this list is that it is a little lower in power. While not a serious factor, it is enough for second place.


Sedona by Lynx 36-Inch

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Another of the lower range gas grills from a top end manufacturer, the Sedona is actually made from 201 stainless steel, which promises (and apparently delivers) all the benefits of 304 stainless for less money. Comparable in price and features with the grills above it, this is another excellent choice for an outdoor kitchen installation. The three E-type tubular burners produce 69,000 BTUs under 600 square inches of grilling space. On this list, only the DCS below can burn more fuel per square inch.


Artisan Professional 32-Inch

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At this point in the list, you have probably realized that this price range is the hottest for built-in gas grills since all the major high-end manufacturers have introduced brands to meet it. This three burner model comes from Alfresco and features a rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner (an option on most at this price) and a full rotisserie system. Made from all 304 stainless steel, this unit also has two internal halogen lights. At around $2,700USD this comparable to the products above and part of a full line of outdoor appliances.


Napoleon Prestige Pro 665

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This 38-Inch built-in model from Napoleon has seven burners including a rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner (kit included) and a dedicated smoker burner with wood chip drawer. The control panel is fully lit and there are two internal halogen lights for nighttime grilling. This is one package that had it all and for a price well under $3,000USD.


Profire Professional 36-Inch

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The Profire gas grill is the high-end, stainless steel product from Modern Home Products (MHP) who have been making gas grills since 1960. While this model has their strong commitment to quality, it isn’t the most innovative of grills. The burner design is straightforward and simple, which doesn’t mean the most even of heat. Each of the three control knobs on the front fire two straight tubular burners, meaning there are six, 11,000 BTU burners in the fire box and sit under stainless steel diffuser plates. The best feature of this grill are the adonized aluminum cooking grates that are superior to most of the stainless steel rod grates that you find on this list.


Capital Professional 32-Inch

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Many companies produce high-end, stainless steel gas grills. Capital is another of them. They have the background and the knowhow, but the Capital Professional 32-Inch has its problems. Unlike many of its competitors in this size and price, this unit has two main burners. This limits versatility and power. While a good grill, when put up against those grills higher on this list, there is nothing to make this unit standout.


Broil King Imperial XLS

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Broil King is known for its freestanding gas grills. They are, in many ways, the Canadian equivalent of Weber. Widely distributed and successful. What most people don’t know is that their higher-end gas grills are available as outdoor kitchen built-in appliances. These are traditional grills, so very different from what most people expect in grill inserts. This unit is large and packed with features. It is, in fact, two grills in one. A large standard grill next to a smaller standard grill. You can either use the side that fits your need or cook at completely different temperatures simultaneously. This is a complete built-in package. It comes standard with the insert sleeve as well as with a side burner unit. If you want a simple installation and all the extras, this is a unique solution worth looking at.


Weber Summit S-460

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Yes, Weber makes a built in gas grill. The first thing you need to know, however, is that this is a full height insert. Because of the way Weber designs grill, this ‘insert’ sits inside an enclosure but still comes with the full cabinet below the grill. This isn’t what you would call a standard built-in gas grill. On the other hand, you get a full feature insert for around $2,300USD. There are four burners, plus a sear burner and full rotisserie system. It should be pointed out, that this isn’t a full stainless steel grill. There are cast aluminum components and enameled steel as well.


Beefeater Signature Premium 5-Burner

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Beefeater is a famed Australian brand. This grill is built on that style. The burners are close to the cooking surface, which is heavy to transfer heat as efficiently as possible. This is a high temperature gas grill with some great features. Normally, a section of this grill comes with a large griddle for a wide range of cooking versatility. Also, the lid can be removed so when designing an outdoor kitchen with a grill like this, you want to make it approachable from multiple directions. You can a lot of grill for the price with Beefeater, so you should seriously consider this grill.

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Find all the Best Built-in Gas Grills in every price range. Research before you shop to get the right Gas Grill for your Outdoor Kitchen.

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