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Best Built-In Gas Grills under $2000 for 2024


Outdoor kitchens can be a valuable asset to your backyard and your patio experience. Designed to provide a complete cooking experience without having to step indoors, a fully loaded outdoor kitchen can cost a lot of money. On the other hand, they can be properly built on a budget as well. The first thing to consider when building an enclosure for an outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill, is the gas grill insert. This is the heart of the structure.

A good built-in will last for many years, be repairable if necessary, and simply be a great grill. The Best Built-in Gas Grills under $2,000 I have listed on this list are diverse in appearance and construction, but are great grills and will last. Even though these are relatively inexpensive, I do not recommend buying the cheapest you can find. There are a number of bad drop-in gas grills out there. Those are not listed here. If you don’t see a model you are familiar with, there might be a reason for that.

If you don’t find what you are looking for here and are willing to spend more, consider my list of the Best Built-in Gas Grills between $2,000 and $4,000.



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Yes, it looks very much like an old-fashioned gas grill, and it is, but it can be found for as little as $1,500USD and it will last a lifetime. Modern Home Products (MHP) is one of the oldest gas grill manufacturers in the world, and this powerful, cast aluminum gas grill is one of their best. Built like a tank, this built-in may not be shiny, but it will probably never need to be replaced. And while most of the gas grills on this list use stainless steel rod cooking grates, this grill uses something better. The adonized aluminum grates are not only durable but transfer heat better than steel and virtually eliminate flare-ups. For those more serious about performance than appearance, this is the best low-cost gas grill for a custom enclosure.  Look beyond appearance because this really is one of the best drop-in gas grills under $2000.

Napoleon Prestige 500

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Built-in Gas Grill

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At about the same price as the MHP above, this model from Napoleon adds a rotisserie burner to the grilling experience. This makes this the best-featured, low-price gas grill on the list. Of course, at 30-inches, this is also one of the smaller models. The 500 square inches of stainless steel grilling surface is heated by four burners pumping out as much as 48,000 BTUs. One point though. While this grill comes with an infrared rear-mounted rotisserie burner, it will cost an extra $100USD to get the rotisserie kit.

Broilmaster P3X

Broilmaster P3X Built-in Gas Grill

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Another of the classic gas grills, the Broilmaster is considered bulletproof in the industry. The cast aluminum shell won’t rust and can last for decades. The ceramic barrier actually converts much of the heat to infrared and prevents flare-ups (and you just flip them over to clean them). The stainless steel cooking grates can be turned over or around to adjust the distance between the food and the fire, adding a whole new level of versatility. While this grill isn’t part of a large line of outdoor kitchen products, they do have an optional side burner and cabinet doors. For the serious griller who wants a great gas grill for under $2,000USD, this is a fantastic option. I recommend adding the smoke shutter for low and slow indirect cooking with smoke.

Broil King Imperial 490

Broil King Imperial 490 Built-in Gas Grill

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This is something of a rare option. While limited in availability, this powerful and excellently equipped model from Broil King can be had as a built-in unit. Known much more for their cart-mounted, traditional gas grills, this model boasts a full rotisserie system with rear mounted burner and a separate side burner (controlled from the main body of this grill). As a complete grill package, this is a good deal at well under $2,000USD. It is a limited edition product and will most likely need to be special ordered.

Solaire 27-Inch Infrared

Solaire 27-Inch Infrared Gas Grill

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This is a small gas grill. For those not interested in grilling large amounts of food it is a good choice. It is, however, a complete infrared gas grill that can reach temperatures that most gas grills can’t get close to. The construction of this model is excellent, and the company that makes it (Rasmussen Iron Works) has been in the business for decades. While this built-in unit might not be large, it is powerful and therefore it might just be a great accessory grill, used for searing and intense grilling while another gas grill can be used for other cooking tasks.

Saber 500 3-Burner Infrared

Saber SS 500 Infrared Built-in Gas Grill

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There are two infrared gas grills on this list and they are both about the same price. This model from Saber is nearly twice the size of the other one. The difference is in the type of infrared technology they use. While the Solaire below can hit temperatures of nearly 1,000 degrees F, this Saber model will get to about 700 degrees. This Saber Gas Grill has complete 304 stainless steel construction and a nearly foolproof grilling system that doesn’t flare up and cooks evenly. On the other hand, it isn’t the powerhouse that the Solaire above is. Consider this grill much more like a standard unit that grills well and has a number of great options and comes as part of a complete line of outdoor kitchen appliances.

Artisan American Eagle 26-Inch

Artisan American Eagle 26-Inch Built-in Gas Grill

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Alfresco is another of the top-of-the-line gas grill makers. Their Artisan line is an affordable alternative that is produced completely of 304 stainless steel with welded and polished seams. With 40,000 BTUs under 420 square inches of stainless steel grilling surface, this is a powerful grill. Like many of the products on this list, the Artisan is part of a complete outdoor kitchen appliance line and has many options. For $1,900USD you get a small and basic 2-burner gas grill, but a well-made one that will last for a very long time.

Blaze 32-Inch

Blaze 32-Inch Gas Grill Insert

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Blaze is a brand owned by BBQGuys.com. Made in China, Blaze has quickly become one of the top brands of lower-priced outdoor kitchens. This 4-burner gas grill is well made and part of a complete and impressive line of outdoor kitchen equipment. While not the construction quality of many other grills on this list, you get a large and well-featured product with this model. There is a full rotisserie system built in and you can get it all for well under $2000USD.

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Find all the Best Built-in Gas Grills in every price range. Research before you shop to get the right Gas Grill for your Outdoor Kitchen.

Delta Heat 32-Inch Built-in Gas Grill

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