Best Gas Grills between $1000 and $2000 for 2022

Once we get to the Best Gas Grills between $1000 and $2000 we see a combination of the big manufacturer's best products. Some are the holdovers from days gone. Others are part of the ever increasing number of low priced and low quality stainless steel grills. I've compiled this list based on the quality of cooking performance and durability over appearance and feature. Certainly, there are giant grills loaded with knobs, covered in shiny steel and packed with extras, but few of those offer much in the way of performance. First and foremost, a grill should grill and at these prices, it should grill very well. Heat should be high and even and the construction should be top notch. I favor the grills of old here. There was a time when you could expect a gas grill to last for decades, not just a few years. The top of this list is dominated not by 'brands' but by great grills.




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This is MHP's number one selling gas grill. Built like a tank, this model has all the durability of the gas grills of old. It also has a wide range of extras that can be added on. Of course, this comes with extra cost, but side burners, infrared rotisserie burners, and anodized aluminum cooking grates (the kind used in steak cooking competitions) can be added. This makes the MHP a more versatile product though it will bring up the price well above the base of around $1,300USD. I do seriously recommend buying this grill with the 'SearMagic' cooking grates though.


Napoleon Prestige 500

The Napoleon Prestige 500 gas grill from Napoleon has a good selection of features and doesn't rely too heavily on low grade stainless steel to dress itself up. The four main burners on this model pump out up to 48,000 BTUs under 500 square inches of stainless steel rod cooking grates. At around $1,300USD this is a solidly built gas grill with plenty of space and versatility. There are some customizations to this grill, but the standard configuration includes an infrared side burner, which can be great for searing one steak at a time and is a lot of fun. It gets very hot, but a low simmer is a problem.


Broilmaster H3PK1

Simple. Two burners. Around $1,150USD. Built like a tank. Broilmaster, a division of Empire Comfort Systems builds an old-school gas grill. Their grills produce high-temperature grilling in a body that can last for decades. The heavy cooking grates can be positioned to move food closer or farther from the fire providing added versatility and cooking control. While the appearance hasn't changed much in decades, this powerhouse of a gas grill pumps out 40,000 BTUs under 400 square inches of cooking space and uses a thick layer of ceramic briquettes to burn off drippings and radiate heat. This is a serious grill for serious grillers and comes with a host of potential customizable options.


Genesis SP-E-335

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Of all the models of the ever-popular Weber Genesis gas grills, this is the only one worth buying. This 'special edition' model has all the extras and in the right combinations. You get the superior 9mm stainless steel cooking grates plus a good quality, 12,000 BTU side burner, and the 13,000 BTU 'sear' burner. This model comes standard with Weber's Crafted Accessory frame (accessories extra). This model gives you the maximum grilling versatility for your money. You can read all about my thoughts on the new Genesis Grills and see why I say this is the model to buy if you have your heart set on a Weber.


Broil King Regal S 490

True. This gas grill is loaded with features, but it still has the quality it needs to pull it off. The Broil King Regal S 490 has four main burners, a full rotisserie system, and a side burner (though underpowered). This is all standard in a large, but efficiently designed gas grill. Broil King has a number of innovative features to produce better grilling. The burners on this model are designed to compensate for the pressure difference from one end to the other, producing an even flame. The heat output is high enough for serious grilling and the cast iron cooking grates do a lot to transfer the heat.



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PGS or Pacific Gas Specialties, like MHP or Broilmaster above, originates with the first residential gas grills and still builds grills in much the way they were in the early 1960s. Certainly, the design isn't modern, but it isn't about that. This heavy cast aluminum gas grill has a 40,000 BTU dual control stainless steel burner under a ceramic barrier under 434 square inches of stainless steel rod cooking grate. There are options available and like this class of gas grill, it can come on a number of mounting options. On the other hand, this is a basic grill that really grills. It also lasts.

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Best Gas Grills between $1000 and $2000 for 2022