Best Gas Grills between $500 and $1000 for 2021

As we move above $500USD, Gas Grills start having a lot more to offer. More even heat, higher heat, more reliable and durable designs. For the Best Gas Grills between $500 and $1000 I still don't recommend looking for a lot of stainless steel in this price range since it will be low grade and simply won't be able to maintain its appearance for long. Low-grade stainless steel rusts and, well, stains. I also don't recommend looking at the huge grills on the showroom floor. There will be a number of units with five burners and loads of accessories. Keep it simple. You are buying a grill so that you can grill. Yes, most of these have the option of adding rotisserie units and some of them have side burners, but a grill in this price range should be able to grill up several burger patties without flaring up and it should put a good sear on a steak.

Weber Genesis II E-330 Gas Grill


Weber Genesis II E-330

Weber's Genesis line has been a mainstay of the patio cook for the past three decades. It is reliable, well built and produces even heating. It is true that the Genesis grills of today are not as powerful or as well constructed as the models of the past, but they are still some of the best gas grills money can buy. Covered and care for, it will last you for a good ten years, maybe longer (there is a 10-year warranty on practically everything with this grill). The E-330 is a three burner unit is large enough for most anyone. This model is basic in appearance but comes standard with an internal sear burner which helps get the grill up to a proper cooking temperature. There is also a nice 12,000 BTU side burner for more cooking options.



Find out more about the MHP JNR

If it looks like a blast from the past, that's because it is. MHP or Modern Home Products has been making gas grills since the earliest days of the business and they build them the same way. In the 1960s gas companies would 'lease' you a grill, paid on your gas bill. Sometimes for as little a dollar a month. You used the gas, they were happy. To make this arrangement work, however, the grill had to be nearly indestructible. MHP grills are that. They are designed to take incredible punishment and last for decades. True, this is a very basic gas grill, though options and extras are available, but it burns hot and even and it does what it is supposed to, grill. If you don't want to be heading back to the hardware store to buy another gas grill in a couple of years then buy this one. But make sure you leave it to someone in your will.


Broil King Baron 420

Broil King is the Canadian manufacturer of some of the best gas grills in this price range. These grills are powerful. At one point they had trouble with the grills melting themselves. That has all been sorted out, but they are still powerful and very well made. This model pumps out 40,000 BTUs from four stainles steel burners under 440 square inches of heavy stainless steel rod cooking grates. At around $600USD this grill is a good deal and will last for many years.


Napoleon Rogue 425 Black

While not the best that Napoleon has to offer, the Rogue 425 is still a good grill. The exterior stays simple, almost elegant in design. There is little decorative stainless steel. On the other hand, good quality stainless steel is used inside the grill where it counts. Capable of producing 36,000 BTUs under 425 square inches of heavy stainless steel cooking grates, this grill will get hot. It also comes with a 12,000 BTU side burner for greater cooking versatility. It might not be the best grill between $500 and $1000, but it is still an excellent choice.


Saber Cast 330 Black

While small, this infrared gas grill from Saber (a sister company of Char-Broil) offers a unique cooking system that is nearly foolproof. Almost incapable of flaring up and able to produce high grilling temperatures with nearly half the fuel, this is one of the most efficient gas grills on the market. At around $950USD this grill has only two main burners and 330 square inches of primary cooking space, but it is well made and ideal for those who don't need to cook for very many people but still want a good quality grill.


Beefeater Discovery 1000R 3-Burner

Find out more about the Beefeater Discovery 1000R 3-Burner Gas Grill

Beefeater is the venerable Australian BBQ company. Their gas grills are known for their power and versatility. The secret is in the use of heavy metal to hold heat and the proximity of the fire to the food. This small and simple grill is focused on serious grilling. The typical configuration includes a heavy porcelain coated cast iron griddle as well as open cooking grates. The Beefeater grill can cook eggs next to steak and while this grill is comparably primitive, it is still one of the best units on the market today. Distribution of these grills, particularly the less expensive tends to be limited in the United States.

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