Category: Poultry Rubs

  • Homemade Hot Honey Rub

    Homemade Hot Honey Rub

    This trending Hot Honey Rub is a must-have in your kitchen. It’s sweet and spicy, super easy to make, and versatile!

  • Herb-Butter Turkey Rub

    Herb-Butter Turkey Rub

    This creamy herb-butter rub adds an extra layer of amazing flavor to turkey, making it the perfect rub for festive occasions!

  • Easy Creole Turkey Rub

    Easy Creole Turkey Rub

    An easy creole turkey rub recipe with just the right amount of heat, and savory flavor.

  • All Purpose Poultry Rub

    All Purpose Poultry Rub

    This all-purpose poultry rub has all the goodness of a basic chicken rub, with a touch of smokiness. Fantastic!

  • Smoked Chicken Rub

    Smoked Chicken Rub

    Make this easy and delicious smoked chicken rub at home for flavorful meals any time! Perfect for feeding a crowd or a cozy night in, this rub is a must-try for any home cook or grill master.

  • Baharat Spice

    Baharat Spice

    This aromatic Baharat spice can be used on all types of meats, seafood, and vegetables.

  • Jamaican Jerk Rub

    Jamaican Jerk Rub

    We are huge jerk chicken fans and just can’t seem to get enough of it! Our Jamaican jerk rub is perfect for adding delicious flavors to a variety of dishes, from pork ribs, chops, and roasts to chicken, vegetables, and meat substitutes. While this Jamaican jerk rub is meant to be spicy, you can adjust…

  • Berbere Spice Blend

    Berbere Spice Blend

    This homemade berbere spice blend bursts with an earthy, zesty flavor!