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Best Built-in Gas Grills between $4000 and $6000 for 2024


While a lot more can be spent on a built-in gas grill, the items on this list are still among the best without being the most expensive. There are grills on this list that will do every, are attractive in styling, and are made of the highest quality materials. For most people who want to make a serious investment, these are the models to look at. Many of these gas grills are comparable and I have included all the models I consider worthy of the price. When shopping for the Best Built-in Gas Grills between $4000 and $6000 consider all the extras that you will want to add like side burners, refrigeration, and cabinetry. Nothing on this list will disappoint.

Fire Magic Aurora 30-Inch

Fire Magic Aurora A540S Built-in Gas Grill

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If you ask someone to give you the names of the best of the top-of-the-line appliance manufacturers, the name Fire Magic probably won’t come up. Yes, they only make appliances of the outdoor variety, but they stand head and shoulders above the more famous brands. The reason for this is their dedication to the quality of the manufacturing, their relentless innovation, and the sheer devotion of their staff. This model runs over $5,000USD but is one of the best gas grills in this price range. Its three main cast stainless steel burners can produce 63,000 BTUs under 50 square inches of heavy stainless cooking surface. This gas grill is one of the most powerful on the market. Add in a full rotisserie system and this unit is the masterpiece of any outdoor kitchen (and Fire Magic has one of the most complete lines of outdoor appliances).

DCS Series 9 Evolution 36-Inch

DCS Evolution 36-Inch Built-in Gas Grill

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No list of the best gas grills would be complete without a model from DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems). As one of the original companies in the market space and after having produced half of the innovators in the industry, these grills are some of the best money can buy. This three-burner unit can produce up to 75,000 BTUs under 638 square inches of angled cast stainless steel grilling surface. The configuration of this particular model (which can be customized as needed) includes a solid stainless steel griddle, a standard burner, and an infrared searing burner. There is also a full rotisserie system included. DCS also makes one of the most extensive lines of outdoor cooking appliances and features.

Lynx Sedona 36-Inch

Sedona by Lynx 36-Inch Built-in Gas Grill

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If you have been reading through this whole list you will probably notice that while these are all fantastic grills, there isn’t a lot of variation. This model from Lynx’s Sedona Line is true to that. The most innovative feature of this grill is the ProSear Trident burner, one of the best infrared burners on the market. This E-type burner isn’t a single sheet of ceramic, but a three-prong burner that optimizes and evens the heat. Infrared burners tend to be hottest in the center and cool the farther you get from that. Not this burner. In addition to this, this Lynx Gas Grill has a full rotisserie system, elegant styling, and solid stainless steel construction.

Aspire by Hestan 42-Inch

Aspire by Hestan 42-inch Built-in Gas Grill

Hestan has changed the game of high-end outdoor grills and taken the industry by storm in the last few years. They also build some of the most expensive grills on the market. The Aspire series is actually their ‘budget’ brand. At well over $4,000USD this doesn’t seem like a cutback in any way. This big, powerful built-in gas grill is perfect for any outdoor kitchen. The 42-inch model has four main burners that can pump out a maximum of 92,000 BTUs under 774 square inches of stainless steel cooking space. There is even a full rotisserie system. No, this model lacks the weight and performance of Hestan’s main brand, but this is still a very competitive product.

PGS Legacy Pacifica Gourmet 39-Inch

PGS Legacy Pacifica 39-Inch Built-in Gas Grill

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On the opposite of the price spectrum, sits this gas grill from a company that goes back to the days of the first gas grills. Typically selling for just over $4,000, this isn’t a discount brand or a cheap grill. The three main burners produce as much as 75,000 BTUs under 720 square inches of stainless steel grilling space. While not necessarily the most innovative of grills, this unit does have a full rotisserie system with a rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner.

TEC Patio FR 44-Inch

TEC Pation FR44 Built-in Infrared Gas Grill

TEC invented infrared cooking, particularly the infrared grill. When their patent ran out, they reinvented it. This very unique, all-infrared gas grill uses plates of tempered blue ‘glass’ to convert 100% of the heat produced by its two 30,000 BTU burners into incredible levels of heat. On high, this grill can produce a cooking temperature approaching 900 degrees F while still able to drop down to 350 degrees. A TEC grill is the ultimate searing machine and while the overall cooking versatility can be a little limited, it is an amazing piece of technology.

Solaire 42-Inch

Solaire 42-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

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Solaire by Rasmussen Iron Works is another venerable brand. They started out focusing on infrared grilling in competition with TEC (the inventors of the technology). While a basic design, this is a powerful and capable line of gas grills. This 42-Inch model boasts 667 square inches of V-shaped stainless steel cooking grates. Burners are available in any combination of infrared or standard and this unit on high can hit nearly 125 BTUs per square inch. As a line of products for an outdoor kitchen, Solaire is a little limited, but they have a strong reputation for a great line of gas grills.

Wolf 36-Inch

Wolf 36-Inch Built-in Gas Grill

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I include this model gas grill with Wolf, one of the top professional and residential appliance makers, not just because it is an excellent unit, but because it illustrates the truth about many of the big ‘indoor’ appliance brands. This grill includes everything you expect from something in this price range (it typically sells at just under $6,000USD). It has three 25,000 BTU burners, infrared options, a full rotisserie system, and internal lights. This issue is that this gas grill is made by Twin Eagles (see the second item on this list), which is a good thing since Twin Eagles make some of the best gas grills in the world. The problem is, that this model costs about $1,000USD more than a comparable Twin Eagles grill and doesn’t offer anything extra besides a recognized brand name.

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Find all the Best Built-in Gas Grills in every price range. Research before you shop to get the right Gas Grill for your Outdoor Kitchen.

Delta Heat 32-Inch Built-in Gas Grill

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